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Hrky Acum 3 luni Question Let's say I do push ups every time I do push exercises. And over time those push ups become easier, obviously.

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Does decreasing the number of sets, but increasing the number of reps per set, make the workout harder and still let me get new gains? I wasn't offended at all. I am not saying push-ups wont do anything. They will help with strength to a degree and help with some growth.

But if you want a overall strong and developed chest you will need to incorporate other exercises to do so. Does that help? The strength gains are limited because you are not progressively overloading on weight. Its like this, do you legs get bigger just from walking on them every day? No, they do not.

If you do push-ups every day your body will adapt and without progressive overload you will just get a "decent workout in" nothing more. But when you say there won't be growth, do you mean that there won't be strength gains as well? Because I am only aiming to get stronger and more durable, I don't care how I look BlackHat Fitness Acum 3 luni Hrky Im not saying you wont see some growth, you clearly will, but, you will never grow any real size in your chest from push-ups alone.

Take it from a guy who was in the military along with guys in my squad who did hundreds of push-ups every day and not one of us had any real huge gains.

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I did push ups a lot and I've seen growth in my chest as well as my triceps. And I've been able to do more push ups in general BlackHat Fitness Acum 3 luni You are not going to get gains just athlean x best fat burning doing push-ups I don't care what anyone tells you. You will need to do much more than that to see any results my friend Nazrin Nordin Acum 3 luni Jeff.

I need your help. How about for a skinny fat people? How to focus on gaining muscle and burning fat at the same time? I've been starting workout for 45 days.

Corset pentru femeie grasă

JD 83 Q: How do I get that lean? A: Clenbuterol. NoName Acum 3 luni Intermittent fasting for me. I love it. I eat once a day and I feel great.

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Since I was overweight anyway, it works great for me. No soda, added sugars, or any sweets. Exepct birthdays :.

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Charles Bair Acum 3 luni Here's question you want to drop lbs by digging a hole however how do you keep that hole going and not lose size and strength Andrei Muscalu Acum 3 luni Hey, Mr Cavalier.

Started at 33 and now at What I have seen that everything is more of a psychological mindset that you have regarding your food and training rather than the traditional "do this, eat that" approach.

What advice do you have for people that need to get this imprinted into their mindset and live a healthier, more active life, rather than have a "6-pack" that they are going to lose in a few months? I did the Butter Bob Briggs thing, and got almost as lean as you.

Then it switched gears on me and I don't think I changed anything. My body learned how to get fat even without sugar or something.

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I don't even know what. Can you do a fitness and conditioning video using the strategies of boxers? Broadie Toadie But that guys on juice an some kinda shit to melt the fat away That guestcrusher guY Acum 3 luni Those numbers on jeffs t shirt will bring you to some good stuff if you know where to search Daniel Alvarado Acum 3 luni Hey Jeff and Jesse, what are your thoughts on training twice a day?

FAT LOSS 101 FOR MEN (Chest Fat, Belly, Love Handles!)

Is there an efficient way to do it? Garrosh Hellscream Acum 3 luni wanna be that lean? BUT keep in mindathlean x best fat burning you have thick skin than athlean x best fat burning will most likely never look like this guy.

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Andrew Myles Acum 3 luni Haven't watched jeffs vids for a while. Young Jess do be making dem gains boy. Thats them pumpkin pie traps haha Saritha.

Acharya You are a great muscles man Saritha. Acharya You are so lucky but please can you give your dumbbells free to me HFJ17 Acum 3 luni Can you please cover how to help shoulder and elbow flexibility that better allows for regular front squats and clean and jerks.

Baby steps are so much easier on this journey. DrRazzleDazzle So just work your ass off. Got it lol. Cody Jesseman Acum 3 luni whats the best way to start back in the gym? Edge-of-Sanity Acum 3 luni Good analogies.

To lose fat 1 yout body can't be in the presence of insulin, 2 needs to be in a caloric deficit.

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It's that simple, but the problem most face is they're only at baseline insulin for 3hrs or less in the early hours of the simptomele scăderii în greutate ale creierului before breakfast it takes up to 12 hrs roughly for all insulin to leave. Which is why most spend months slowly making any progress.

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Another issue is daily caloric deficits, all you're doing is setting up an impending plateau as your thyroid lowers your metabolism everyday until it reaches the same level of calories you're putting it. If calories burnt at rest match calories taken in even in a deficit then you won't really burn anything.

You also put muscle at risk, as the body will rid it to slow down your BMR plus many other metabolic changes. Alternate day fast, body won't have time to think it's in a state of famine, muscle loss is reduced by 4x that of daily calorie deficit, and you'll have long enough baseline insulin to make a impact.

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I wouldn't recommend keto, it has benefits but a lot more negatives and headache then needed to achieve fat loss. Literally, fat loss is what you eat, not exercise, took me a few years to work this out, trying various things. But muscle gain is beneficial of course, and the heart and lungs should never be neglected. But it's possible to get this lean, would just require long consistency.

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