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My name is Dickie Chel and joining me today is Ralph. You guys have seen him for the past while he's been on the last couple of episodes, Ralph Watson, PHD candidate, as well as a researcher in the field of Marine Dynamics. So thank you very much for joining us today. Ralph Dickie you thank you so very much for having me today.

How are you doing?

Volum Antologic Gogyohka Romania Grinta

I'm doing great. It's good to be back thanks for having me back myself and my colleague from Marine Dynamics. I'm not gonna tell too much about the show on this evening's program, I might tell you guys about it and at another time but just be aware it's coming out Shark Week 20 in August August Discovery Channel definitely check it out.

You'll be seeing a couple of familiar faces and some really. White Sharks for those of you that don't know Marine Dynamics. We are a shark cage diving whale watching company based in the cause by South Africa, just a couple of hours away from Cape Town, but we also do some really cool research and also conservation and Ralph is a big part of that.

So today we're gonna be talking about Boom tag your it using Mark and recap capture to answer important ecological questions about Sharks and there'. Okay, very cool. Ralph so a very simple yet, very effective basically when we were speaking earlier, you said there's more than one and Nikita shot bite. Nice to have you Hi. Thank you. Thank you for watching. He joined us a few times on the previous live sessions as well. Cool man. For joining, I love having the locals the local visitors on the show so when you and I were speaking earlier, you're obviously mentioned that they were there are different methods and one of them that you didn't mention was just using natural markings as a form of market recapture.

So can you tell us a little bit about that? So it's actually we use it with Marine Dynamics on our shark cage diving vessels, so we instruccions dolphin eco slim track of all. Individuals that come around the boat and we do that by taking a photo of the dorsal fin now as you know, the dorsal fin of instruccions dolphin eco slim White shark is incredibly unique to that individual and using the trailing edge of the dorsal you to take a look at all the nuts and crannies and all of that, and it's unique for that individual.

So it's kind of a natural marking on that individual. Now, you also know we collaborate with scientists. South Africa from Cape Town to Bay to Puerto Elizabeth and they've got people out to Sea as well, and they also keep track of the White charts that they get in their area. Now, just imagine we get a White shark around our boats.

Oh this individual that we first saw here. Three months later, it was sighted summer input Elizabeth, for example, and during that time. It traveled the distance, but also it can give us a little bit of an indication of like if it's grown, maybe a little bit or also how frequently does it move back and forth? Yes, a very simple very effective and obviously we don't have a Natasha.

Thank you very much for joining man very cool to have you on the show or to to have you watching the show so yeah guys obviously we don't. There's a little area where you find like a unique grouping for every individual and scientists use that area to take a photo.

They take a photo and then use it to identify individuals in the Seychelles with manta Rays, they use the bottom where they've got a unique bross at the bottom, and it just tells you like instruccions dolphin eco slim long as you can identify an individual from it.

So that's basically covering the natural mocking side of things very simple yet very effective using a specific part in a specific animal in order to gain that data and from place to place you're gaining movement data as long as there's a collaboration going but there's obviously artificial ways in order to do this as well.

Growing very shortly species, so they only grow up to about two to four years old. Now this population study tried to Mark them using a tiny little tags so very small but apply them in two areas. But the unfortunately what happened then was that it actually started tearing on the skin of the octopus and as it's growing as it was, it was growing so it was recaptured like a year later and you can see that the whole skin have tightly pulled.

Around that time, and the scientists were just like no, this is not the way to go forward, so they eliminated the entire method and actually started it was quite unique.

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They've actually started to talk to the octopus, so it's just using unique colors in a unique combination. They just gave it four little dust along it's skin and it's just a instruccions dolphin eco slim bit of ink underneath the skin. It didn't harm the animal. It didn't inhibit it's natural movement, but it stayed there for the rest of its life. So they released the. Again and then after a years time or two years time, they would recapture the octopus and look at that certain area and just go.

It's got this grouping of colors.

It's this individual and then they got some very important information about the whole species without inhibiting. It's natural growth and that's awesome.

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I mean that's basically what we're getting down to is the simple yet effective. Of something like that, apart from having to tattooed up very cool-looking octopus, you're getting that information without impeding the natural behavior Tasha well, thanks. I'm glad we're very glad you guys are enjoying this, but also obviously getting to the next point you can't have every person using Mark and recapture running around with a tattoo gun.

It doesn't to take it out, but it doesn't inhibit the natural movement of the animal. So this is actually part of a project called the Oi tagging Project. It stands for Oceanographic Research Institute and official name is to call toh tagging project. They're based in Durban. They started since - four, so they've been around for a very long time and they've marked and recaptured thousands And sharks species around South Africa, so the very important word in there is called cooperative.

So it's almost a citizen science project, so it's fishermen can sign up for it and what they get in return. Is they get tagging kit. So I've got a image here so very let me instruccions dolphin eco slim I find it really quickly for you guys. So this okay cool well got the image there.

We got that sorry for the about that. So this is the like a photo of an Orr tagging kit and what they provide you so they've got a measurement tape.

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They've got the tag so that's there's the at the bottom. Some very quick, very simple information about where did you what species did you catch?

When did you catch it? Where did you catch it and also well? So and then they provide you with a few applicators as well.

So I've got a few example right over here. It's very easy to use you put the tag in the applicator very simply well. We go it sits in there. Are you ready? That's good examples of people tagging themselves.

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Please don't do it because you need a hospital for it just to get it out. So it's awesome experience. I haven't done it so but I have heard stories but yeah just to I'm using it between my fingers.

Don't worry guys. Ralph well that.

Very cool and once again, very simple, very effective because, for instance, a instruccions dolphin eco slim with tag a fish here, it gets caught in the same area or up along the Coast. Thank you for watching nice to have you guys here.

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So not only is this a very effective but simple way it also it also promotes ethical release as well. Ethical absolutely because it's very important like the important part here is to recapture. Is recaptured and if you a lot of fisherman see if nice beautiful fish species, I'm gonna use a black muscle cracker as an example, that a lot of of catching it.

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But if you apply like a little like this, you can identify that individual fish. Individual and you're like, Oh my God you've grown a little bit bigger, so it almost creates a personal connection between the fisherman and the fish that they've tagged and ensures that they want to release it properly.

So Ari does provide with provide you with a manual of what to do to ensure the survive ability of the fish that you tag and release. I'm gonna give it a very good day very good To the Tag, it's not in the inferred onto the fishermen themselves.

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So I believe if you run out of tax if you reapply for about 30 seconds or so they send it to you for free as far as I'm aware. That a lot of the fish species that are on that list are Prime targets over like preferred targets for a fisherman, and this can include Cobbs Garrett, the laar fish all the South Africa's National Fish The Jae and if you actually look at we have another list in South Africa from the South African Sustainable Sea.

Initiative from WWF and that's a list of fish species on a Green orange Red that some of them are sustainable to eat. So you can see that if Chubb is caught in a sustainable way, It actually doesn't matter that you that you're eating it, but if you're for instance, eating a species that is not a sustainably court, They're like we keep catching it, but it takes like 10 years.

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To double over, it's very unsustainable so they are being placed on the Red list so promote not to be eaten now if you but if you look at the comparison, if you compare these two lists, the or less and nesi Red list, you'll act is actually notice that about 25 percent of the species 25 percent on the list are sassy Red list. So the There's a lot of information that Arie is looking for in this species, but they are very aware you're looking for instruccions dolphin eco slim recapture, so you need to know like release it ethically release it responsibly so it keeps on swimming instruccions dolphin eco slim it provides back to its population, but it provides us with the information on Nesi Threadless like an unsustainable food.

Cool because obviously those fish are all endangered on their way to being endangered.

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They are not sustainable to eat. So if you tag recaptured, we're gaining information never before or that you can't gain in another way and then you can sit in place rules to protect certain areas where we find that these certain fish on the Red list tend to frequent, but you also just gain more information about the species that are. So if you visit their Facebook site, you can.

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Like they tell you stories of like interesting individuals that have moved and maybe peculiar ways or something that definitely Warren's bringing to the public. But so this is actually the first one that I just wanted to bring up and it was a smooth home shark that was tagged in Plattsburgh.

And like write down in the Middle of South Africa and then literally five years later almost to the week, it was recaptured in the exact same location.

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To the reproduction of this animal, it means that this area along the South African Coast is very important to the species. Now there's a phrase that I'm gonna throw out. So wow. So Philippe basically means that an individual returns to the same place to give birth Now Naal means giving birth. Yeah, being born, so this animal might actually return to the site where it was born to reproduce and to give birth to the next generation. Now if you create like high-rises and you destroy this habitat here for human use, then it might actually scare the shark out of the reproduction cycle.

It goes like wait. I'm supposed to give birth here what's going on.

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I move Should I not and actually like a damages or like in a yeah damages the reproduction cycle of a shark like this. So it's very important that you are aware of something like this. Yeah, for sure and I mean how else do you find that? If not for a simple initiative like this, I mean the short can recapture five years later in the exact same spot so in order.

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There was stabbed in Gordons Day. This is in full Bay right next to Capetown and almost 11 months later, this animal traveled over kilometers, all along the South African Coast. What really it was recaptured this at the end of the year, insulin naal.

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Near a place called Unzoom. Oh man that's crazy. I I I I would have never said that and it just goes to show again. This method is involving the general public because honestly, you're not gonna have a researcher from Goss by checking the tags in Wow, Oh Tasha. I agree with you. This you're a hundred percent up in your chances on the recapture of these of these animals, which is incredible so anymore because that's bad and this is we are absolutely crazy.

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So this guy actually about on average about far more than five kilometers per day. So yeah. Quite incredible for a species like this, but the cum să pierzi greutatea copilului example that I actually wanna show is that these species these Marine species, they don't adhere to our political created borders and if you take a look at this one, this is actually a black Marlin That was tagged and released and Sowas.

So that's Singh Kazu Naal and then about 11 months or nine months later it travels through.